Echeverias in Oz.
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Echeveria agavoides v Ebony
Probably still viewed by many as the 'Holy Grail' of echeverias. Seed grown and tissue cultured plants are now relatively available in Oz. We've had little experience with the TC plants so cannot give any comments on their characteristics.
Our seed grown plants have proved very variable in leaf edge and body colour as can be seen in the pictures below. We're still checking just how large a mature head might become but do think it would be over 25cm.
This form had been imported by Bev three times since 1980. Each time dying as a result of the fumigation process on arrival. The most recent acquisition in 2011 also succumbed. The quick thinking of the AQIS Inspectors along with Bev's help did manage to save and strike plants from the old leaf.
The plant imported by Bev in 2011
The variability seen in our seed grown plants.
And we can only hope these two retain this marking.