Echeverias in Oz.
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The genus was erected in 1903. Habitat basically central Mexico.
Flowers generally described as star shaped mostly with some form of stripes or markings on the petals. Interesting to note that fertilizers, growing conditions and exposure to sun does seem to effect just how strong this is sometimes. Lightly marked ones are often only seen when the flower first opens fading quite quickly as the days pass.
Species and hybrids
G. amethystinum
G. 'Bellum'
Tacitus Bellus
G. filiferum
G. fruticosum
G. fruticosum x
G. grande
G. macdougalii
two forms
G. mendozae
G. pachyphyllum
G. paraguayense
ssp paraguayense
G. paraguayense
ssp bernalense
G. 'Rose Queen'
G. rusbyi
G. superbum
G. 'Kanei'
G. 'Tricolor'