Echeverias in Oz.
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Habitat also Mexico. Flowers nodding, more tube shaped with sepals often wrapped stopping the petals from opening properly.
The genus is characterised by outgrowths at the base of the petals.
Species and Hybrids
P. 'Blue Haze'
P. bracteosum
P. coeruleum
P. coeruleum x compactum
P. coeruleum
x oviferum
P. fittkaui
P. 'Flambeau'
P. glutinicaule
P. kimnachii
P. longifolium
P. machucae
P. oviferum
P. 'Royal Flush'
P. rzedowskii
P. viride
P. 'Captain Jessop'.
P. compactum
P. oviferum
P. Saltense