Echeverias in Oz.
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Echeveria 'Blue Waves'
aka 'Blue Curls' & 'Frilly Maid'
Imported by Bev in 1980
'Blue Curls' was also imported by Bev in 1980 and 'Frilly Maid' in 1981.
In reality these are three different plants but so strikingly similar there seems no point in separating them these days. It takes a very experienced eye to tell the difference between the original Blue Waves and Blue Curls. Frilly Maid is a much smaller grower than the other two but almost identical in appearance. Tissue Culture has seen Blue Curls readily available almost everywhere. Everyone's growing conditions vary and often changes the appearance making it very difficult to confirm identity. Guess it's "To each their own" as to what name they use.
Tending winter colours
Mid season colours.
Lush summer growth