Echeverias in Oz.
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Echeveria agavoides
A highly variable species in habitat with more than a few forms available from their locality in Mexico. For now we've just stuck with the ones that have been around for some time but will add others if and when they become more available.
Growing them from seed has produced considerable differences in every way. This can be seen in the seed grown Ebony and Corderoyi.
We do wonder if some of the new and old names around amount to nothing more than someone giving a different looking clone a generic name or if some of it isn't just a lack of understanding of how variable this species can be. And never to forget how tissue culture can make plants look different.
Some of the ones around Oz. We've included a few rather than list them seperately.
An agavoides we obtained many years ago.
A cultivar purchased by Bev many years ago.
One of Bev's plants an ISI release with number unknown.
Another of Bev's plants ISI 322