Echeverias in Oz.
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Echeveria affinis
a.k.a. 'Black Knight'
Imported from the USA in 1980.
Single heads to around 15cm offsetting in time. Can be touchy during full summer when high heat, rain and humidity sets in.
We're of the opinion that E. 'Black Knight' imported from the USA in 1982 and listed as being a sister seedling to E. 'Black Prince' is actually another clone of the species. There are at least two different flowering forms of these original plants in Oz and our seed growing experiments has pretty well proved the species is quite variable in size, rosette and leaf shape.
Given what we've seen on other websites showing recent pictures of E. affinis in habitat we are inclined to think that E. 'Black Prince, E. 'Echoc' and the other unnamed plants which have become available in Oz recently that have basicallly the same flowers but vary in the leaf shape, rosette size and colour are quite possibly E. affinis exhibiting  its species variability. We do need to bear in mind that tissue culture can and will change the appearance of plants. We are keeping Black Prince, Echoc and the others under the 'commercial' names as each can have a place in collections.