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Originally launched in 2004 by Bev Spiller, revamped in 2014, we're now seeing a need for this website to be taken to the next level.
The name tells us we should be aiming to cover all Echeverias in Oz.

For a trial period (hopefully permanently) we're welcoming input from others regarding plants not listed on this site but available in Oz.

Needless to say conditions apply.

Are you someone with your own plants or possibly someone who is importing and would like to see these plant/s added to the site?
If you are you can find out more about it on the
Add a Plant page.
New additions and changes.
E. 'Blue Cloud', E. 'Canadian', E. cante, E. 'Code Blue'. E. 'Curl Girl'. E. 'Delight', E. 'Derenceana',
E. diffractens, E. 'Doris Taylor' and E. 'Dragon Queen'.
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To be advised.
The closely related genera Pachyphytum and Graptopetalum and the inter-generic hybrids.
We're hoping to be able to add these to this site. It will take quite some time and no doubt there will be considerable disagreement. Hopefully we'll be able to get some expert assistance.
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