Echeverias in Oz.
A website created by collectors;
for collectors.
Add a plant to the website.

Conditions which must be met.

First and foremost is that the plant must be in Oz.

Plants can be those either grown by yourself, imported privately or those that have come in under Tissue Culture.

Information needed.

Background information e.g. If you are the breeder/grower, importer under Tissue Culture or privately and whatever else that could be relevant.
Sorry...we are not interested in hearing about plants that have been purchased at retail outlets, markets or over the internet.

Good quality pictures of the mature plants along with a description (large/medium/small rosette/frilly/carunculated) and approximate full size measurements.
Seasonal colour changes would be beneficial if available.

Pictures of flowers may also be needed.

Other relevant information.

Full credits will be given to the person (not commercial names) supplying the information.

The contact information for the person supplying the details of the plant to be on the website will need to be made available on this website for others to address any enquiries regarding the plant/s. Please note this will be 'Contact Whoever Here' linked to email addresses only.

I'm sure everyone will understand when we say we reserve the right to validate all information supplied. This could need to be done via Facebook or whatever other means may be necessary. Plants cannot be added until they are.

As collectors we are offering this in good faith.
It costs us to run and maintain the website so surely we should not be expected to offer this free.
We're open to talk about that.

Contact Darby and Sue via email (Here)
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